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Are you considering hosting an event? Are you looking to decorate your home or business? Let AMHE put your mind at ease and arrange the details for you. Contact us today to set up a consultation and get started on transforming your vision into reality!

Why Use A Professional Event Planner?

In short, AMHE will save you time, stress, money and give you peace of mind. There are so many details that need to come together to experience a smooth-running event. A professional planner will take the burden of managing all those details for you. You get the benefits of having an industry professional help you develop your vision, create a budget and plan, coordinate vendors and services, negotiate cheaper rates, source décor and rentals, and then execute your plan on the day of your event so you can just show up and enjoy! Sounds good, right?

Why Use A Professional Decorator?

With a million choices of décor online and in retailers, creating a well designed, cohesive space can be daunting. A professional will help you:

  • Save Money: We have resources at our fingertips you wouldn’t dream of. We know how to get you the “best bang for your buck” and where you can save to make room for your higher-priced dream pieces.
  • Save Time: A decorator will guide you in the process of making design decisions around lighting, materials, finishes, balance, color, texture, mood, functionality etc. We will also save you time in securing the items you want from our well-researched list of resources.
  • Save You from Headache: We manage all the details of making your vision come to life, freeing your time and headspace up to focus on other important things. No exhausting, coffee buzzed nights of sifting through thousands of photos online trying to find the right piece for the right price – that’s our job!
  • Create a feel-good space that represents you: We take pride in getting to know our clients well enough to not only understand what their verbalized vision is, but also to glean what their deeper desires are for a space’s atmosphere and mood. We want you to walk into your space and feel at home, at peace, inspired.
  • Customize: AMHE excels in creating custom décor and organization solutions that fit your specific tastes and goals.

Will You Travel Elsewhere?

Absolutely. Always looking for an excuse to travel! Getting to do what I love creating something special for you AND get exploring new territory?! #totallyawesomesauce

How Does the Process Work Once Hired?

We start with a consultation to discuss and develop your vision. We will provide you with a customized proposal and plan and discuss these details together. Once we’ve reached an agreement on terms, we will help create a total project budget and move forward on implementing plan. This involves coordinating vendors and services, sourcing décor and rentals, managing guest list and marketing efforts, and then finally executing your plan on the big day! * Details dependent upon service selection: full-service, partial-service, or month-of coordination.

How Much Do Services Cost?

At AMHE, we do our best to guide our clients to strike the perfect balance between vision and budget. Because no two clients are alike, we begin with a one-hour consultation to discuss project scope before offering a custom proposal. Our top priority is providing exceptional service, design and planning ON TIME and ON BUDGET, every time.

Initial Consultation Fee is $75. A flat fee rate is typically presented in your customized proposal after initial consult. *In rare cases, some jobs make more sense to charge an hourly rate of $75/hour.

“ I did the flowers for a wonderful private event last weekend hosted by Jessica Turpeinen, owner of A Merry Heart Events. She asked for a floral piece that cascaded over end of table, This was a first time piece and a lot of fun! Thank you A Merry Heart Events! ”

Ridgefield Floral

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