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AMHE Community Service

AMHE is honored and privileged to be an active member of the community. We work on a variety of projects throughout the year to support city events and local organizations. Some of our work includes:
  • First Saturday Committee: We sit on committee and help plan/staff monthly events.
  • Ridgefield Main Street Volunteer: We played co-producer in a beautiful video series done by Casey Evans Media. We also volunteer to help with fundraising events like RMS Oktoberfest.
  • Called to Rescue: AMHE supports local charity causes like this amazing anti-sex trafficking organization.

Called to Rescue

We love and support a fabulous local charity, Called to Rescue, by providing design services for their annual gala each year as a donation of our time. We also run special promotions for them to benefit their safe houses, like seasonal fundraising/donation drives.

Called to Rescue is an incredible organization that rescues women and children from sex trafficking both locally and internationally. They operate and fund several safe houses across the world; their task forces work with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to locate children who are missing, have been abused or trafficked; and provide online classes training individuals how to safely seek out and find children that are being held against their wills.